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Coming from a background in digital design and marketing, I find great interest in the field of UX design. My goal is to help users find better ways to interact with any platform they use.



How Did I Get Started
in UX?

It all began with my role as a Digital Content Designer for a school, where I discovered the power of UX design. I realized the incredible opportunity to blend my marketing expertise with design principles, enabling me to create products that have a lasting impact in the tech industry and resonate deeply with users. 


In my free time, I like making delicious food and spending quality time with my family. I enjoy skateboarding, tennis, and yoga. As a dog lover, I have two big dogs who bring joy and laughter to my life. I am also a firm believer in continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest UX design trends.

What Others Say About Me?
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"Lu has a great attention to identifying what matters in order to improve, and good at providing solutions to solve the problems.

Thomas | CEO

@ ZC Education

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" You have strong analytical thinking and problem-solving mindset. I love the way you solve problems step by step.

Amy | Mentor 

@ TikTok

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"You are super communicative and initiative as a teammate. Looking forwad to working with you again.

Yang | UX Designer

@ Youyi

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